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If you visited our home page you will have already seen the fantastic list of services we offer to our clients. As a fully managed WordPress website provider, we think it’s important to include a variety of platforms and systems that will enhance and help grow your business. Here we take a more in-depth look at those services.

First We Have The Standard Services...

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Our Unique Collection Of Additional Services?

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WebVA specialises in creating Shopify, WordPress or Custom websites with Bricks Builder, Elementor, or bespoke Vanilla HTML and CSS. Producing creative, modern, fully responsive websites from simple one-page information sites and landing-pages to full blown eCommerce mega-stores.

WebVA uses the powerful Meta Box WordPress Plugin to allow for completely bespoke and custom websites, with almost any type of field or meta-box available.  

WebVA uses ShortPixel and WP Compress to optimise your website images for fast delivery of your pages on all devices, in every location.

WebVA uses the CloudFront CDN platform for video hosting & delivery, to enable speedy loading of your Website videos to all your viewers.

WebVA uses a number of systems to ensure your websites are safe, secure and healthy, these include;

  • BackupGuard for schedule backups.
  • WebTotem for File Security & Malware scanning.

WebVA has a Pro licence with FontAwesome, allowing us to design and create websites with any of the 7,865 (and counting) Icons.

WebVA uses SocialPostMagic and Ubiquitii to help create and schedule your posts to all these platforms; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumbler, Reddit, Vimeo, Telegram, Dailymotion, Instagram and Pintrest.

WebVA uses the MailPoet WordPress integrated Emailing system to capture, create and distribute your messages to your customers & clients (up to 20,000 per month) 

WebVA uses both Quriobot and BotStar Chat bot Systems to give our customers the best options for offering their customers online help & support services.

WebVA uses the WPMet ShopEngine Plugin as a complete solution for WooCommerce Stores that’s lightweight, fast and offers full customisation.

WebVA can develop a complete web presence to match your current Brand and Marketing Style. Utilising consistent cross-platform design to increase your Brands recognition.

WebVA can create your website integrated online booking system for appointments or stays from minutes to days.

WebVA uses EventsFrame and Promotix to offer you a bespoke, branded Events Platform for both real-world and/or online events. And if you don’t have a payment processing provider yet, we can help you with that too.

WebVA has partnered with EventTee to create Branded Event Apps that allow you to deliver Event Schedules and information directly to your event visitors mobile devices.

WebVA has partnered with Swipe Landing Pages to bring you Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for your sales funnels with integrated A/B testing. Allowing you to fully test your sales campaigns and target specific audiences with ease.

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More Information About Our Services?

Our Personal Service

In it’s simplest terms, for a “Fully Managed Website Service”, WebVA will look after everything to do with your website. We’ll transfer your current website, if needed, or create a new one from scratch. We’ll setup all the available services we offer for your website to access. Make available a portal for you to collaborate on the project, communicate with us, make payments, and view invoices.

For each level of service (Lite, Pro or Elite), we’ll manage the day-to-day running of the website, including updating plug-ins, checking performance, running analyses on security, and analytics on SEO, adding or updating content and/or products, images, blog posts etc.

The difference in the level of service is the amount of time included to complete the tasks required. For example, on the lowest tier, we have 4 inclusive hours per month. This is enough time to run the analytics reports and security reports, update the plug-ins and tweak any changes that may be required. Should things be running smoothly, we may have time to send out some social media posts, or a scheduled Newsletter. or create a new blog post (with content supplied by the client). Any additional tasks which require more time than the inclusive hours  would be charged at the standard hourly rate. For the larger websites, this obviously requires more time, hence the increased amount of inclusive hours. If you have a busy website, requiring lots of updates, Social Media Posts, Blog Posts etc, opting for the higher tier service could save you money over choosing the lower tier and paying a per hour fee.

Our Web Hosting

Primarily, we use a shared hosting service powered by LiteSpeed Web Servers, which can be up to 45x faster than Apache, the standard server used by the majority of hosting providers.

This service includes all these features as standard;

  • cPanel Control Panel.
  • Secure Email and Webmail.
  • Built in Spam Protection.
  • Full .htaccess support.
  • CloudLinux.
  • CloudFlare Support.
  • SSL Cerificates.
  • RAID-Protected Storage.


Plus much, much more to make hosting your website fast, reliable and secure. And should you choose to withdraw from the ‘Fully Managed WordPress Website‘ service provided by WebVA, your website will still be fully accessible by you, or your agents, for a long as you keep up the hosting payments.

Our Email Service

The web hosting service we use includes unlimited email accounts and allows you to connect through desktop apps like Outlook or Webmail via TLS/SSL secure connections.

You get;

  • Unlimited Email Accounts.
  • Unlimited Email Forwarders.
  • Unlimited Autoresponders.
  • Choice of Webmail Apps; RoundCube or Horde Webmail
  • Built-in Spam Protection.
  • Built-in Malware Protection.

So no matter where you are, or what device you are using, you can always keep up with any important email communications.

Our SEO Service

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) must be an integral part of any successful website from its inception. Starting out with the purpose to rank higher in the search engine’s results page, and drive more traffic to your site.


The best way to ensure a successful SEO campaign is to utilize multiple tactics together, including content marketing, backlinks, and strong website architecture. Nowadays, there are a number of third-party providers that offer “SEO as a Service” – a number of them charge a monthly retainer that will include monthly reports and optimization recommendations.


We include this service with All our websites, at no extra cost!


We use a combination of Squirrly Live Assistant whilst building and adding content to each page, and also Textmetrics to add a second line of Keyword analyses. By using best practices to meet Google page speed & content requirements on each page, we ensure we have a strong, well optimised website worthy of higher page ranking. Once the website has been launched it is monitored and analysed on a monthly basis to tweak any short or long-tail keywords to further improve organic placement in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).


Although our process focuses on Googles algorithms, our aim is to increase visits to the website through all available search engines including Bing, Yahoo DuckDuckGo, Excite, Swisscows, Baidu and Yandex.

Our eCommerce Service

There are some great eCommerce options available with WordPress, including one-click payments and paid subscriptions, and fully customisable online stores.

Whether you want to sell small goods to your neighbors, accept donations for a local charity, or collect repeat subscriptions from your membership, WordPress makes taking payments a breeze.

With Elementor as the page builder, WPMet ShopEngine (for WooCommerce) as the Shop front builder, WebVA can create a store front for your online sales business that your customers will love.

The WebVA service tier level you are on doesn’t limit the amount of items (physical or digital) your website can hold, you can add an almost infinite amount of products. The limit specified on the pricing table is specifically for setting up your site and the amount of time allocated to adding products to your catalog.

Our Reporting Service

WebVA will provide you with either a monthly, bi-weekly or weekly report on your website. Your report will include information on;

  • Site Summary
  • Issues
  • Security
  • Back-ups
  • Plug-in Updates
  • SEO Analysis
  • Page/Content/Product Updates


If you also have an eCommerce Shop and/or additional Frontend Forms that have data and statistical analysis, then you will also have this information made available to you on a regular prearranged schedule.

Rise to the top

Increase Sales

Having a well built, reliable and responsive Website will put your business in front of your customers quickly.

Establish A Presence

Build Brand Awareness

A strong online presence is one of the most critical pieces of a successful marketing plan and it’s essential to establish a well planned online strategy .

Focused Development

Best Practices

Consistent, focused strategies and procedures, ensures efficient and cost effective development.

Fully Managed WordPress Websites by WebVA
Image of Creative Team Meeting | Fully Managed WordPress Websites by WebVA

We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

It’s NOT a requirement, but…

There’s no obligation to transfer your website over to our hosting service, however, for a smoother, more reliable service from WebVA, we do recommend it. If you chose to keep your current hosting service you will still be paying your normal hosting fee on top of the WebVA monthly or annual fee. Obviously this will lessen the amount you save. WebVA may also not have the needed access or authority to make necessary server side changes quickly if/when required.

You Do.

That’s an easy one. You own the website, and if its necessary to purchase a domain name, that too. We’ll work really hard, and hope that you won’t leave us, but, if you choose to leave WebVA after the initial contract period, there’s no hidden charges. You’ll pay the standard, monthly hosting fee and any Domain Name renewal fees when due.

For 1 Month Only.

The inclusive hours for each service tier are set at 4, 8 and 12 hours. At the lowest tier, the ‘up to 10 page website‘, 4 hours  (essentially 1 hour per week), is enough to complete all the required website management tasks with little probability that there will be ‘time left over’. However, for the ‘Pro’ and ‘Elite’ tiers, unused hours can be carried over to the following month only. Unfortunately we cannot ‘bank’ hours indefinitely as this could potentially block off time required to manage other clients’ websites, which of course would be totally unfair.

Initial Period Of 12 Months, Paid Monthly Or Annually.

We have a 12 months minimum term contract for clients. Why so long? We have invested a sizable amount in procuring all the products we include in our service. Added to the amount of time we’ll spend setting up the hosting, transferring or designing/creating your website, and setting up all the 3rd party services too, a few monthly fees barely cover the costs. Having your full attention for a minimum of 12 months means we can all work together to create a web presence that helps your business grow and increases your bottom line. Once this period ends, unless you choose the annual option, you may close your account after 30 days notice.

Well, Support Is Our Underlying Business.

Our mission is to provide you with a ‘no support required’ website environment, however we are not naïve enough to think issues will never arise. As such, we use ElevenSight (11Sight) for our direct communications with our clients. From a simple click on our website button, our clients can select a Video or Audio call, or simply text their message to us. It also includes conferencing facilities, so up to 20 users may join the meetings if needed. In addition we also use the fantastic SuiteDash platform for our business & project management, and of course there’s always email if you prefer. Whatever your support needs, we’re happy to help as much as we can.

GDPR? We Got You Covered

WebVA uses a very robust and complete system to meet compliance with European GDPR Laws. Be compliant with Cookie Storage, Data Breach Notification, Data Erasure Requests, Data Export Requests, Unsubscribe From Newsletters & Privacy Officer Contact Details.

Yes, It Is Yours After All.

It wouldn’t be great form for us to take your money and then stop you looking under the hood if you wanted to. You have full admin access to your website, we are happy for you to have a look at what’s there, what’s installed, what pages there are or what plug-ins we have installed. We do ask that you don’t alter, remove or add anything without letting us know first. But as we said before, it’s your website, we will manage it the way you want us to.

Time frame Is Website Size Dependent.

How long a project takes is determined by the size and complexity of the website you have or need. A small, relatively simple website can be transferred and set-up in a matter of days, usually 2 – 3, but a bigger, more complex eCommerce site can take longer. If we are creating a new site from scratch, then there’s planning, design, mock-up, code, test, launch, analyses, tweak and update. This process can be weeks to a few months. It sounds scary, but it really isn’t, if the planning stage is done properly, the rest should be a pain free process.

You, Us, Collaboration.

Obviously we would be unable to create content for your website from scratch as we don’t know enough about your business, your mission or your values. If we tried, most of it would be (somewhat educated) guess-work. Instead, we either take what’s currently on your website (if you have one) and analyse it for SEO; keywords, relevance & readability, or we provide you with access to a form, that through collaboration, can be filled in with specific keywords and copy (‘copy’ is the word used to describe written subject text for those that don’t know), and if required, upload of images and/or graphics.

Not Always, But Sometimes.

Due to the nature of the licenses we have with each of the 3rd party services like Eyeson, MailPoet, RelayThat, PromoTix, SocialMagic, Squirrly, WP Compress, to name a few, only WebVA may access them directly through our account for use on your website. Some of these services are available for you to purchase separately, if you should require a higher subscription level i.e. increase MailPoet from 20,000 emails per month to 50,000 or more. Any additional services that you purchase/subscribe to will be included with the management of your WebVA service as much as possible, whatever we can achieve within your inclusive time we will do, any additional time would then be charged at the per hour fee.

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