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WebV.A. - Time Well Spent LogoFirst, let me welcome you to WebVA, which stands for Website Virtual Assistants. We appreciate your visit and hopefully, once you have seen all our great offerings as a service, you’ll decide to join the family.

With that said, let me describe a few of the awesome apps and software systems, that we feel are an absolute must have service, and that we use to make our awesome clients fantastic websites.

And remember, we don’t charge extra for ANY these services, they are included in all of our service levels as standard!

WebVA uses Elementor Pro
Elementor (Pro)

Although we have the necessary skills to design, build and host websites created from a number of different page builders, our specific expertise is with WordPress and the Elementor (Pro) page builder platform.

We think it is one of the most robust and versatile platforms available. With the in-built tools to create virtually any type of website from scratch, or by utilising one of the hundreds of pre-built templates as a starting block, WebVA can create and build a beautiful, fast and fully responsive website that your customers or clients will love using time and again.

WebVA uses Webtotem Security Monitoring

We feel that the second most important thing for your business website is security (the first being to have one of course!). And considering every 29 seconds a hacker attack occurs and 30,000 websites get hacked every single day, website security should be the top priority.

So WebVA selected WebTotem as our go to security and monitoring platform. Covering Antivirus, Firewall, Port Scanning, Up-time Monitoring and detailed Security Reporting, WebTotem helps calm the nerves and gives our clients some peace of mind.

WebVA uses Squirrly SEO

Next in our bag of goodies we have Squirrly, the brilliant SEO Plugin for WordPress. Just like security, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a obligatory requirement for a successful business website.

Squirrly SEO is an AI-powered, all-in-one SEO suite that enables WebVA to perform outstanding search engine optimisation from the outset when building our clients’ websites.

There is soooo much under the hood of Squirrly to help optimise our clients’ websites it’s mind-blowing, we think there isn’t a better tool on the market!

WebVA uses WP Compress
WP Compress

One of the most important things to consider when creating a fast, fluent and responsive website, for business or personal use, is optimisation for speed.

Any website that has a lot of images, videos or animations, will take up a fair chunk of bandwidth on downloading. Obviously, if you have superfast broadband, it’s not so much of a worry. But not everyone does. Also, given the speed with which everything progresses and moves on now-a-days, you need your website loading super-quick, before your potential customers leave!

That’s where WP Compress shines, by optimising not just page images, but CSS and Java Script files too, on the fly, from a global CDN, ensuring all your pages load fast no matter where in the world your customers are based.

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